Let Legacy Oriental Rugs do the cleaning and restoring.  We will wash any rug, removing most stains, without the risk of color bleeding.

Excessive wear and damages, such as rips, frays, stains, moisture, spills, foot traffic, moth damage, etc. require repairs and restoration to prevent further damaging.

Just email us a description of the damage and attach a photograph, and we will be happy to provide you an estimate.

Vacuum or sweep once a week to lift loose dirt. Take care that the fringe doesnt get caught in the vacuum roller and vacuum with the nap, rather than against it.  If vacuum has a power brush, make sure it doesn't pull the pile off.

Rotate your rug occasionally to distribute wear evenly.  Small repairs should be made ASAP to prevent extensive damage. 

Spot cleaning is best done with a little water and mild soap.  Make sure to test first for colorfastness and don't let the rug remain wet.  If possible, lift the rug so as to dry the underside, as well. This is particularly important in humid climates.

rug care tips:

Preservation is essential

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in protecting your investment.  Legacy Oriental Rugs not only provides you with a one-of-a selection, our team is also dedicated to help extend the life of your rug with professional cleaning and restorative services. To maintain optimum condition of your Persian rug, a professional wash every 2 to 3 years is recommended.  This will remove dirt and debris which could erode the natural fibers.

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